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The Scrabble Typography Edition 2 is here! 20% off for my mailing list subscribers: drewcapener.com. Purchase here.

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200+ Sets Available now @ Winning Solutions

As a quick update I wanted to let you know that the Scrabble Typography Limited Edition is about to sell out.


This run of 1,200 signed and numbered deluxe sets is almost gone and I wanted to be sure to give you the courtesy of having first dibs on the sets that we have available for the time being.

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Once again, VERY exciting new developments in the Scrabble Typography Edition release!

Because of the enormous amount of requests for the $200 retail version of the Scrabble Typography Edition we will now be offering this exciting new item on a limited edition basis. This edition will available for sale on the Winning Solutions website for a limited time until the sets are completely sold out.


This Deluxe Limited Edition includes a beautiful solid walnut storage case with drawer, a six-panel solid walnut magnetized gameboard lined with slip free cork, a beautiful solid birch cover, metal tile racks, solid walnut tiles featuring a variety of different and exciting fonts.  Each limited edition set will also include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. For a full feature list please visit the Typography Edition product page.

I am giving you (Scrabble subscribers) first dibs on this limited edition run in hopes that you can deservedly get your hands on a set while they are available. I can’t tell you enough how much your support for this set has helped move this project to the point of production. For this reason I am giving you this message first.

For additional images of the set, please visit my website. Here’s to another development in our typographical Scrabble journey!

I very rarely make announcements, but this one is too large for me to not be overly excited about it. Remember the Scrabble set that I designed months ago and posted it to my website? There was such an overwhelming response to the set that Hasbro has finally teamed me up with one of their high end licensees, Winning Solutions to release the:

Scrabble Typography Edition

My goal throughout this project has been simple: to excite people about typography. It is because of this goal that we feel that the Typography Edition should be available for one and all to purchase. With this in mind, we will be releasing two variations of the Scrabble Typography Edition. A $200 retail set will be available for purchase that will look almost identical to the Scrabble set on my website. Another $50 version will also be available that has a similar feel but in a different application. Both variations will be released with the same assorted font set. Additional fonts will be available for purchase after the initial release. Finally you will be able to play Scrabble using your favorite fonts!!!

Please note that the fact that we are going to production with this set, has a lot to do with your love and support. We have not only won over the hearts of the people of Hasbro, but I am sure we will continue to bring many closer to the art of Typography.

If you are a serious major buyer who has interest in either of these sets, please feel free to contact me at andrew.c.capener@gmail.com

The $50 set will be available for purchase early fall 2012 with the $200 deluxe version releasing shortly thereafter.

I can hardly wait.

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